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Total Logistic Services started its warehousing business in 1998 with the establishment of a 100,000 sq ft warehouse capacity in Sri Kembangan. Adopting warehousing management techniques derived from Toyota, TLS has managed to be on par with warehousing services along Toyota managed warehouses around the globe. For this reason, TLS has been able to multiply exponentially in its warehousing capacity to cater various customers since its inception.

Current TLS warehouses

Bukit Raja Logistic Center : 464,100 sqft
SA1B Bonded Warehouse : 92,600 sqft
Bangi General Warehouse : 81,600 sqft
Serendah Logistic Center : 180,000 sqft


We offer a range of warehousing services and are also able to cater to any
additional requirements by customers.

General Warehouse
Bonded Warehouse
Cold Room Storage
Export Parts Packing

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Z-Logix is web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) that support day-to-day operation in all TLS warehouse. All Inbound and Outbound transactions must go through a scanning process before the transactions can be completed. All Locations and Packages will be bar-coded and scanned during the process. The WMS is able to track the status for every single box or pallet stored in our warehouse through a Product ID (PID) that's automatically assigned by the system.

Basic Warehouse Operation Diagram



Warehouse Management System (WMS) diagram


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